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Dzovinar Mikirditsian, born in Beirut in 1979, is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music. After studying piano in Lebanon and Armenia, she turned to composition, pursuing her studies in Paris at Université Paris 8, Conservatoire d’Aubervilliers, CNSM de Paris, and in Geneva at Haute Ecole de Musique, under the guidance of Martin Matalon, Michael Jarrell, Luis Naón, Gilbert Nouno and David Poissonnier. She has participated in composition workshops with Yan Maresz, Franck Bedrossian, José Manuel Lopez López López, Nicolas Tzortzis and Georges Aperghis.


Her acoustic pieces, such as Aroussyag (2015), Sous une Nuit Dilatée (2018), and Broderies (2021), reveal her profound interest in combining harmony, noise, and textural transformations to create musical imagery, as well as working on slow movements and evolutions.


During her studies at HEM Geneva, Dzovinar predominantly worked on pieces where electronics played a significant role in her writing process. In works like Les Eclats Limpides de son Ombre (2022) for ensemble and electronics, and Khavarum (2022) for orchestra and electronics, she focused on the fusion of acoustic and electronic sounds to create evolving textural transformations. In Nuit Zéro (2022), she crafted different spaces for storytelling, using electronics to extend the resonance of the voice and acoustic instruments.


Dzovinar received the first prize in the Sayat Nova Composition Competition 2016 for her piece Iyèrk for tenor, flute, and string quartet.


Her works are characterized by a deep inspiration from literature, poetry, visual arts, and handicrafts, and a motivation to engage the audience with poetic and evocative music.


Her music has been performed in France, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Spain, Switzerland, and Armenia. She has collaborated with ensembles such as L'Itinéraire, Ars Nova, Ecoute, Suono Giallo, Arod Quartet, L'Instant Donné, Contrechamps, Sillages, Proxima Centauri, the HEM Geneva orchestra, and the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia, among others.


Besides her musical projects, Dzovinar has frequently collaborated with visual artists, stage directors, and filmmakers, including Ghassan Halwani (Beirut), Shayma Aziz (Egypt), Silvina Der-Meguerditchian (Germany), Yasmin Irhaç (Germany), Chaghig Arzoumanian (Lebanon-France), Aurélien Zouki, and Eric Déniaud (Lebanon-France) in dance, video art, and theater compositions and performances.

She is currently participating in the Superphoniques 2024 project initiated by La Maison de la Musique Contemporaine in Paris. Project whose aim is to introduce middle and high school students to contemporary music.


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